March 19, 2021 nudedigital

B2B Podcasting: Does My Business Need One?

While B2B marketing involves plenty of unique strategies, it also shares many similarities with B2C marketing. Among these many similarities is one very effective marketing strategy: podcasting.

You might be wondering whether your business really needs a podcast. Well, the answer is pretty much always yes, and here’s why.


What is a B2B Podcast?


If you’re not already aware, a podcast is a long-form piece of audio content around a particular subject. They’re essentially talk radio shows unrestricted by radio airtime.

You’ll find a podcast on almost any subject, but they all share two key points:

  • They form a series about a single (albeit general) subject.
  • They exist in some kind of RSS feed that listeners can subscribe to.

But how is this format helpful for B2B marketers, and how can you reach your target audience using podcasts?


Podcasting for B2B marketers

A 2017 Podcast Consumer survey found that:

  • 24% of people aged between 18 and 54 listen to podcasts on a monthly basis.
  • Monthly listening in this demographic grew significantly over the surveyed year.
  • Audiences are split evenly between men and women.


What’s more, think about the people in your target audience. Many have some kind of commute to work and/or spend time exercising. Both of these are situations in which many of us tune into a podcast.

Therefore, you already have a key target demographic and listening time.


How to Decide if Your Business Needs a Podcast

Granted, you might not think every business would benefit from running a podcast, but there are very few that wouldn’t.

Here are some key points to consider when deciding if your business needs a podcast.


  1. Do you have information to share?

This might seem obvious, but podcasting is a great way to share industry information and position your business as an authority and thought leader.

You can devote airtime to your subject matter experts, discuss key business/management tips, and repurpose existing content into the podcast format. All of this helps to establish trust and authority.


  1. Do you have an audience to target?

As a B2B marketer, it’s fair to assume your business has some kind of audience, otherwise it wouldn’t require marketing. Well, podcasting is a great way to target this audience because it’s passive consumption. All your listeners need to do is click play and then nothing else. For many, this certainly beats reading.


  1. Are your competitors doing it?

If your competitors are podcasting then there’s a market for it. Even saturated industries are growing so there’s no excuse why your business shouldn’t get involved. In fact, use your competitors as market research to find out what you can do better.



If your business has some kind of unique information to share, it will benefit from podcasting. Consumers appreciate the format and it lends itself particularly well to B2B marketing.

Of course, you’ll need to develop an effective strategy to really position your business as an industry expert. This, however, is where your marketing skills come in.

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