November 9, 2020 nudedigital

4 ways to make your Instagram more attractive

It’s not a secret that Instagram has become a very powerful marketing tool, especially for B2C businesses, and it’s a great way to gain exposure, explore new audiences and ultimately convert. But is your account optimised and attractive enough to retain users? Here’s a few improvements you can make…

1. Logo as profile picture

Have your brand logo as your profile picture, and make sure it’s good quality and that it’s fitted to the frame. Try to have a simplified, more visual version of your logo so it’s recognisable on social platforms. Take a look at the example below:

Look at the examples above. These brands simplified their logos to easily fit the Instagram profile bubble and also helps improve their brand recognition.

2. Bio description

You have a maximum of 150 characters so you need to choose your words wisely. Write a bio that reflects your brand’s main object of activity and/or values and mission. Try to describe your brand’s USP in a short sentence, followed by a Call-to-action, such as: ‘Shop our collection here:’, ‘Enquire here:’ or if you’re redirecting to a blog, use a call-to-action that will encourage the users to read it.

Below you bio, introduce the link to your website or to your shop/ latest article/ etc. or build link tree via with multiple buttons to different pages on your website.

If you use a lot of user-generated content, we would also advise you to come up with a brand hashtag and add it in your bio. This way, you encourage users to engage with your brand, and it facilitates social listening and tracking UGC.

3. Branded highlights

Design custom covers for your highlights and make sure the categories are relevant to your business activity. You can use apps like Canva to create custom designs. This platform provides you with all the formats you need for social media and tons of creative templates, just make sure you stick to your brand’s aesthetic.

Look at the example here. Sephora’s highlights are relevant to their business – each highlight represents a product category. Their designs are very simple and clear. They chose colourful designs to contract the monochrome logo and it works wonderfully!

4. Branded content

Now what you need to understand is that content is a digital currency that drives conversion. Just like in the offline world, the more you invest in your content (be it time, money or creativity) the better the results it will generate.

Branded content doesn’t necessarily mean ‘slapping’ your logo across all pictures, but respecting the brand guidelines and applying them to every post (colour scheme, fonts). If you’re selling a wider range of products and only posting images of products (lifestyle shots or product shots), make sure you’re consistent in image editing and don’t use 100 different filters. It might result in a messy, unattractive feed. If you’re mixing it up with infographics and other designs, make sure you only use your brand colours and fonts for consistency purposes. This creates an unconscious brand recognition in the users’ minds, which is exactly what you should be aiming for.

Have a look at some examples below.

Notice the design consistency on each feed?

TooGoodToGo not only sticks to a certain set of design guidelines, but they also opted for a feed pattern as well.
Tiffany&Co. are known for their robin egg blue that you can see all across their feed.
And finally, Pret-A-Manger’s unmistakable colour & font.

Follow the steps above and send us a screenshot of your profile. We’d love to see your results and we’ll make sure to give you a shout out!

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